C4000 Resources Archive

Operating Systems

Debian 8.10.0 AMD64  ISO Image (Note: This is a “netinstall” image which requires Internet access to properly install.)

Tech Bulletins

Tech Bulletin - C4000 Dashboard Compatibility Issue with Chrome Version 87.0.4280 (dated 12/10/2020)

Tech Bulletin C4000 Software and Firmware Update

Tech Bulletin C4000 End User License Agreement (added 3/11/19)

Server Software

Nyquist C4000 Software General Release (released 12/05/2019) (Note: This software requires a valid License Activation Key to install and Internet access to activate.) If you downloaded Nyquist C4000 Software General Release before Jan. 1, 2020, download the file again and perform a System Update.

Software Release Notes

Release notes: C4000 (released 12/05/2019)


C4000 Patch 2 - Cisco ATA 191 Device Support Patch 2 (released 6/25/2020)

C4000 Patch 1 - Patch 1 (released 2/5/2020)

C4000 Patch System Controller Host Name Resolution Patch (released 12/10/2019)

C4000 Patch Controller Setup Wizard Patch (released 08/08/2019)

Tech Notes

C4000 Tech Note Cisco ATA 191 Device Support Patch 2 (released 6/25/2020)

C4000 Tech Note Patch 1 (released 2/5/2020)

C4000 Tech Note System Controller Host Name Resolution Patch (released 12/10/19)

C4000 Tech Note Controller Setup Wizard Patch (released 08/08/19)

Appliance Firmware and Tech Notes

NOTE: The appliance firmware for a given release is distributed as part of the server software package to ensure compatibility.  As such, only subsequent updates to appliance firmware will appear in this section.

C4000 Appliance Firmware 1.2.1647 (released 2/18/2021)

C4000 Appliance Firmware 1.2.1059 (released 7/30/2020)

C4000 Appliance Firmware 1.2.1055 (released 6/25/2020)

C4000 Appliance Firmware 1.2.1054 (released 2/5/2020)

Appliance Firmware Release Notes

Appliance Firmware 1.2.1059 Release Notes (released 7/30/2020)

Appliance Firmware 1.2.1055 Release Notes (released 06/25/20)

Appliance Firmware 1.2.1054 Release Notes (released 2/5/2020)