8-ohm/70V/25V Drop-In Ceiling Speaker CSD2X2U-V2

Model CSD2X2U-V2 - Drop-In Ceiling Speakers

The Bogen CSD2X2U-V2 is a full-range ceiling speaker offering increased options for IP network designers and system integrators of Bogen Nyquist and other systems. The CSD2X2U-V2 can be converted into an intercom
appliance, or a source amplifier/speaker for a secondary chain of 25V/70V speakers.

  • Simple to install: Unpack, attach the speaker wiring (8-ohm or 25V/70V input), and select the desired power tap setting (if 25V/70V operation).
  • Easy to convert into a Nyquist passive IP speaker or IP intercom speaker. Increase designer and end user options for choice of intercom style and location with the addition of a Nyquist GA10P(V) and optional call switch.
  • Convert the speaker into a 25V/70V audio amplifier source and speaker combo unit. Now audio designers have a combination unit that functions as both an IP speaker and 25V/70V amplifier, from which multiple 25V/70V speakers can be daisy-chained to increase audio coverage. (Requires optional Nyquist GA-series amplifier and an NQ-GAXMR1 distributed audio transformer.)