Nyquist Plenum-Rated VoIP Intercom Modules NQ-GA10P/NQ-GA10PV

Models NQ-GA10P/NQ-GA10PV Plenum-Rated VoIP Intercom Modules

Bogen’s plenum-rated Nyquist VoIP intercom modules offer a convenient and cost-effective means of transforming any low-impedance analog speaker into a full-featured Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) IP speaker. They utilize the latest technology to deliver superior audio quality, making them perfect for IP paging and audio distribution, while the built-in talkback capability allows them to be used in VoIP intercom applications. The “PV” model adds HDMI video output for the visual messaging application found in Release 2.0 (and later releases) system software. Designed with the commercial sound contractor in mind, these intercom module’s plenum-rating provides unparalleled flexibility and versatility to help simplify site design.
In addition to their wide-ranging flexibility, the NQ-GA10P and NQ-GA10PV use the latest in Class D amplifier technology and provide unmatched sonic quality, exceptional reliability, and reduced power consumption to permit standalone PoE operation over the local network.
These 10-watt, single channel, intercom modules are available with or without an HDMI video output, depending upon the application needs. They also offer a CAN bus interface to work with the NQ-E7020 Digital Call Switch (DCS) and a Form-C relay for controlling third party devices. Additionally, when paired with Bogen’s ANS500M microphone module (optional), the intercom module can be turned into an ambient noise sensor to help maintain paging and background music intelligibility in high-noise environments.

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af compliant
  • Low-impedance (8-ohm) speaker output
  • Network-based audio output (paging, intercom, audio distribution)
  • HDMI video output (NQ-GA10PV model only)
  • Talkback support
  • Push-to-Talk Microphone support (Bogen DDU250 or equivalent)
  • Audio input that can be routed anywhere over Bogen’s Nyquist network
  • DSP-based noise rejection and voice bandwidth optimization
  • Web-based configuration
  • Analog Call Switch support (Bogen CA15C, or equivalent)
  • Digital Call Switch support (Bogen NQ-E7020)
  • Control Relay Output
  • In-wall, in-ceiling, shelf, or device mountable UL 2043 plenum-rated package
  • Integrated slotted mounting flanges
  • Optional 48VDC External Power Supply (PS4815W; sold separately)

    ** For applications using distributed high impedance speaker networks, consider using the NQ-GAXMR1 Audio Distribution Transformer for optimal speaker performance.**