Switchbank Desktop Intercoms PI35A/SI35A

Models PI35A and SI35A - Switchbank Desktop Intercoms

Bogen Models PI35A and SI35A are 25-station intercom systems (SI35A is expandable to 75 stations). They can provide facilities with two-way communication, emergency paging, time tones, and background music or other audio program material to speaker-equipped locations.

Both systems consist of a master control panel (Bogen model MCP35A) and a 25-station room selector panel (Bogen model SBA225) assembled into an attractive wood grain cabinet. Up to 2 more room selector panels can be purchased separately and added by the installer into the SI35A product (PI35A is not expandable).

A number of options are available for the SI/PI35A to accommodate various user demands and wiring conditions. These include a CD Player and AM/FM Receiver, room call-in switches, call-in adapter modules for existing older call-in switches, 2-wire call-in adapters, and various styles of transformer-coupled speakers. An SBA225 switchbank is connected to the MCP35A panel through this connector.

  • Cost-effective communications for 25 rooms (PI35A)
  • SI35A is expandable to 75 rooms (in increments of 25)
  • Instant Emergency and All-Rooms Announcements
  • Remote Emergency Page capability
  • 20-watt intercom
  • 35-watt program channel
  • Provisions for time signaling, telco, and voice call-in