Messaging/Call Stacking System BOMDMU

Model BOMDMU - Messaging/Call Stacking System

Bogenʼs BOMDMU is a comprehensive system that combines page stacking, feedback elimination, pre-recorded messaging, and background music control in a single device.

Feedback Eliminator: The BOMDMU makes feedback through the paging system virtually impossible by opening the loop between the input microphone and speakers. This eliminates the potential for acoustic feedback while giving the user flexibility in the way pages are broadcast.
Page Stacking: For busy overhead paging systems, the BOMDMU offers 3 channels of page stacking and feedback elimination. Each channel can record and temporarily store up to 16 pages or 4 minutes of audio. Page input channels can record simultaneously, and while the system is playing.
Priority Paging: For emergencies, the BOMDMU offers a priority input that overrides the stacking and messaging functions and provides immediate, real-time access to the paging system.
Pre-recorded Messages: For security and general public address messaging, a pre-recorded messaging sub-system has been included. Access both Record and Play functions of up to 99 messages/ 8 minutes of audio from an extension on your host telephone system. Ten (10) start contacts have also been provided to trigger messages from external devices such as sensors or alarm systems.
Background Music: To keep everything in harmony, the BOMDMU also includes a background music input. This allows playback of your favorite music source over the paging system. When a page or message is needed, the music will be faded and the announcement will be heard loud and clear.

  • 3 channel page stacker
  • Record and temporarily store up to 16 pages or 4 minutes of audio per channel
  • Feedback elimination; opens loop between input microphone and speakers
  • Priority input with immediate, real-time access to paging system; overrides background music, stacking and messaging functions
  • Record and play up to 99 messages or 8 minutes or audio
  • Message triggering via start input or host telephone system workstation
  • Background music input
  • Station or Dry Loop/Loop Start operation
  • DTMF support for zoning
  • 12V DC @ 1 Amp power supply included
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