Multicom 2000 Processor Card MCPCA3

Model MCPCA3 - Multicom 2000 Processor Card

The Multicom 2000® Model MCPCA3 Processor Card is required to operate the system. This card fits in the first slot of the MCRMF or MCMF Card Cage Assembly. The card contains a micro-controller, with internal FLASH storage memory to hold operating software and system configuration data, and internal RAM to hold operating data. The card is responsible for all system control, tone, and display functions. The card also contains the crystal-controlled real-time clock (with battery backup), relay driver circuits, external function inputs, audio tone synthesizer, and voltage supervisor circuit with reset function.

  • Contains all system memory
  • RAM Operating data
  • Crystal-controlled clock with battery backup
  • Audio tone synthesizer
  • Tone Level Control
  • External relay drivers
  • Ring/Busy generator
  • UART for enhanced administrative phone functions
  • Dial Tone generator
  • Field Software Upgradable

Dimensions: 10-9/16″ W x 8-1/8 ” H x 5/8 ” D
Power:  MC512A Power Supply (sold separately)


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