Nyquist Digital Call Switch NQ-E7020-G2

Model NQ-E7020-G2 - Digital Call Switch

The Nyquist Digital Call Switch allows users to initiate a normal, urgent, or emergency call from classrooms or other staff locations via an associated Nyquist intercom speaker. This single-gang box type wall-mounted switch uses a full spectrum LED-lit ring to confirm user actions and to indicate status (for example, changing color from a solid color to blinking), or to acknowledge a button press when a user initiates a call or when a call has been terminated. The switch is a capacitive touch type with no moving parts to jam or fail.

  • CAN Bus 2.0 Interface
  • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Full-spectrum LED-lit ring indicates status and provides user feedback
  • Single gang, low voltage installation
  • Decora-style plate
  • Software-defined button behavior
  • Up to 256 switches can be daisy-chained for expanded functionality
  • Five-year limited warranty