Buffer/Expander/Volume Control BUFEX

Model BUFEX - Buffer/Expander Volume Control

The BUFEX is a continuously variable speaker attenuator that can remotely control the volume of a network of speakers. The BUFEX also provides output buffering for up to 150 self-amplified speaker inputs and allows speaker system expansion of existing 100V, 70V, or 25V central amplifier systems. The BUFEX includes a bypass function that can override the volume control knob setting when activated by a contact closure or open collector output. This allows emergency announcements to be heard through all speakers in a system even if the volume control knob setting is set low or off. A PCB-mounted bypass trim control adjusts the volume when in bypass mode with a maximum of 12 dB of attenuation. The BUFEX fits into a single gang electrical box.

  • Volume control for network of speakers
  • Buffer drives up to 150 speakers
  • Bypass feature allows emergency announcements to be heard even if local speaker volume is set low or off
  • 600-ohm input impedance
  • 10 position settings plus off
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