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Stockburger Chevrolet/Chrysler: New Paging System

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We’ve all been startled by those annoying general pages – that high volume, distorted message that blasts from a big speaker somewhere when you least expect it. The often-garbled message is then repeated several times as the pager searches vainly for the pagee. The result for many businesses is annoyed customers, interrupted sales, and service delays as employees are tracked down by general paging and make their way to a location where they can respond. 

Conventional multi-zone paging systems are sometimes the answer, but if a business needs to connect several buildings or tie in remote locations, a dedicated, hard-wired system can get expensive fast. For Stockburger Chevrolet/Chrysler of Newtown, Pennsylvania, this was the challenge they faced. 

An active, two-location auto dealer, Stockburger’s business features a main downtown Newtown location including a Chevy dealership, body shop, and parts and service buildings, and a single-building Chrysler dealership two blocks away. “Previously we had separate phone systems with separate vendors for the two locations,” stated George Stockburger V, president of Stockburger Chevrolet/Chrysler. “To page between locations, you had to make a phone call, have someone at the other location page the person you wanted to reach, then they had to call you back. It was awkward and time-consuming, to say the least.”

  • One multi-building location and one remote building requires easy, seamless, efficient paging system 
  • Wide range of paging requirements – from pinpoint interior paging to outdoor paging with minimal neighborhood disturbance 
  • Multi-zone paging needed to improve paging procedure efficiency and employee response time while reducing the overall number of pages