North Royalton Fire Department: Improved Communications

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North Royalton Fire Department: Improved Communications

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North Royalton, Ohio, an upscale Cleveland suburb of 30,000, built a new 6,000 square foot residential neighborhood satellite fire and emergency medical services station in addition to remodeling its downtown station headquarters. As part of the process, the fire department sought to improve its communications system to address a number of issues, including station-to-station paging and paging clarity. 

The North Royalton Fire Department (NRFD) faced a number of paging challenges, including the inability to prioritize between high priority 911 calls and low priority local calls. Often calls from various sources with varying priorities would come in simultaneously and paging signals going to different speakers would create confusion, resulting in delayed response times by firefighters or EMTs. In addition, many pages were virtually inaudible. Concrete, glass, and drywall construction in both locations created smooth, hard surfaces that enhanced reverb and ambient noise was problematic when doors were open. Compounding the problem was the inability of the dispatcher to page between both station locations. “Eighty-five percent of our emergency calls are for EMS services,” stated Fire Chief Mike Fabish. “Some citizens who are experiencing trauma or severe heart or breathing problems need help to arrive as soon as possible – there’s no time to lose.” 

  • Enable all-call paging between two fire stations 
  • Create an audio system to provide clear, intelligible paging 
  • Reduce dispatch and response time for firefighters and EMTs 
  • Broadcast dispatches from squad cars and fire trucks into fire stations