Analog Wired Round/Square Clock Series BCAM

Model BCAM - Analog Wired Round/Square Clock Series (V4.1)

Bogen Wired Analog Clocks incorporate multi-functional software, as well as a microprocessor based movement and a real-time internal clock. The clocks include automatic calibration and time protocol detection, as well as enhanced diagnostic functionalities such as reset, sync now, find hands, and more.

  • Available in Round or Square Shape
  • Round Clocks are available in: 9”, 12”, and 16” dial sizes
  • Square Clocks are available in: 9” and 12” dial sizes
  • Offered in a low-profile metal or SlimLine ABS case
  • Optional Cherry Wood finish or Brushed Aluminum finish for round clocks
  • Offered in 24/110VAC, 230VAC, and 24VAC/VDC models
  • Provided with mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Hour, minute, and second hands
  • Quick correction for time change (max. 5 minutes minutes when used with digital communication protocol)
  • Microprocessor based movement
  • Side molded, polycarbonate crystal
  • Automatically recognizes many wired time data protocols:
    • 2-wire digital communication system (24V clock only)
    • 3-wire digital communication system
    • Sync-wire 59 minute correction
    • Various sync-wire 58 minute corrections
    • National Time/Rauland correction
  • Correctly interprets time data protocols even if the signal wire polarity is switched
  • Built–in self-diagnostic mode:
    • Communication Protocol Verification
    • Time since the last synchronization signal was received
    • Hand position error detection
  • Custom Color Cases available (minimum order quantity 25)
  • Designed and Produced in the United States of America