Nyquist Suspended Ceiling Grid Sound Masking Speaker

The Bogen NQ-SMS1810-SCG comprises a ceiling grid mount and a sound masking speaker assembly, which consists of an 8” dual-cone loudspeaker with a 10-ounce magnet and a 25V/70V, 4W max., five position rotary tap selector. A seismic safety cable is supplied to secure the speaker to a solid object in the plenum space.

  • An upfiring sound masking speaker that fits in a standard 1’x2’ ceiling tile grid and can be placed on top of an existing ceiling tile
  • The 5-position rotary tap selector provides easy selection of speaker power from 0.25W to 4W in 25V/70V systems
  • UL 2043 rated for plenum use above suspended ceiling systems in air handling spaces