Universal Ring Adapter Boards MCRNGM/MCRNGS

Models MCRNGM & MCRNGS - Universal Ring Adapter Boards

The Bogen MCRNGM and MCRNGS models are 24-station adapter boards that permit the Multicom 2000 system to work with devices that respond to industry standard ring levels. The MCRNGM is the master board, which contains the actual ring voltage generator, and the MCRNGS is a slave board.

One (1) MCRNGM is required for the entire system with up to nine (9) Multicom ring slave boards capable of being installed to meet system capacity requirements for analog ring stations. The boards operate from the Multicom power supply. Each of the 24 stations may be independently selected for standard Multicom line operation or for industry standard ring levels depending upon need.


  • Converts Multicom ring to industry standard, 20 Hz ring
  • Independently select standard Multicom line operation or industry standard ring level
  • Designed to accommodate system expansion, up to 10 boards, for a full system of 240 stations
  • Mounts as an extension to the rack-mounted relay module MCRM or MCRRP
  • Draws power from Multicom system power supply (MC512A), no external power source required
  • Mixes industry standard ring and standard Multicom station devices on same board
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Uses Bogen standard .156 centerline 4-pin IDT connectors
  • No reprogramming of Multicom required
  • All mounting hardware and cables included
  • Utilizes state of the art surface-mount technology

Stations per Board:  24
Ring Voltage:  60V AC (+/- 10V)
Ring Frequency:  20 Hz (nominal)
Ring Cadence:  Approx. 0.6 sec. on/1.5 sec. off
Talk Battery:  +12V DC nominal (supplied by Multicom)
Power Requirements:  12V @ 1.4A (MCRNGM only); 5V @ 400 mA (MCRNGM & MCRNGS)
Operating Temperature:  0-50 C
Maximum Loop Length:  4,000 feet using 18 AWG cable
Max REN/station:  1.0A or 1.0B
H.V. Ring Enable:  Jumper selectable per station
Product Weight:  2 lb.
Shipping Weight:  3 lb.
Dimensions:  16-3/4″ W x 4-3/4″ D

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