Multicom 2000/Quantum Wall Display MCWD

Model MCWD - Wall Display Unit

The Bogen Model MCWD is a wall display unit for the Bogen Multicom 2000® and Quantum Multicom IP Systems. It duplicates many of the functions of the display panel built into the Model MCDS administrative display telephone.The wall display is designed to be visible from at least 20 feet, making it ideal for use in offices where more than one person may be responsible for staff station call-in.

The MCWD permits many versatile communication configurations. It eliminates the necessity of having 2 telephones on a desk by letting you use a house telephone system to both originate and receive calls to/from the Multicom 2000 and Quantum Multicom IP Systems. By using an accessory access module, multiple telephones can be connected to a station port to originate and answer calls. Enhanced staff phones can be used instead of house-system telephones, and each phone can be given access to outside lines. Up to 5 wall displays can be connected to one Multicom 2000 or Quantum Multicom IP system station port (or any combination of up to five wall displays and administrative telephones can be connected).

The wall display normally shows the time of day and active time signalling (class change) schedule.When staff station calls are received, the schedule information is replaced with the numbers of up to four incoming calls and their priority level.The unit sounds a standard ring signal for normal and urgent calls. Emergency calls takes priority and flash the word HELP along with the number. A distinct emergency ring signal also sounds. When an outside line call is received, the display shows the number assigned to the outside line station and sounds a distinct outside line ring signal.

The wall display has its own internal microprocessor, nonvolatile EPROM, and DTMF decoder circuity. It is equipped with terminal connections for a power supply (Model PCMPS2 recommended, not supplied) and tele- phone line input/output. The display is housed in a steel chassis with a flat black finish.


  • Mounting: in-wall gang box (such as Steel City Model 2G-1/2 & 3/4), or surface mounted in a Model WDBB back box (adds 1″ to depth)
  • Displays time, active bell schedule, and call-in information
  • Four distinct ring signals for normal, emergency, call-waiting, & outside line calls
  • Adjustable level control
  • Emergency calls take priority and flash “Help”
  • Visible from at least 20 feet
  • Dimensions:  8-3/16″ H x 8-3/16″ W x 7/8″ D.


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