Multicom 2000 Station Card MCSC

Model MCSC - Multicom Station Card

The Multicom 2000® MCSC Station Card contains four crosspoint switches that route signals between the station circuits and the audio busses. The card provides loop current to the stations, detects off-hook conditions, and routes ring, dial tone, and busy signals to the appropriate station telephones. Each station card has two crystal-controlled DTMF receivers and directs the dissemination of display data to administrative phones.

  • Provides the low-level switching of signals via the crosspoint switches
  • Off-hook detect circuitry
  • DTMF registers on board
  • Provides loop current for telephones
  • Front edge fuse status LED
  • Transorbs are used to protect against field-induced overvoltages, such as lightning
  • Optocoupler used to prevent “phantom” calls
  • Fuse protected by one 1A Slo-Blo fuse

Dimensions: 10-9/16″ W x 8-1/8″ H x 5/8″ D
Power: MC512C Power Supply (sold separately)

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