Multicom 2000 Relay Card MCRC

Model MCRC - Relay Card

Within a standard Multicom 2000 system, one (1) MCRC Relay Card is required for every 24 stations. It contains 48 relays and 24 relay-driver circuitry for program/page distribution and 24 relays for intercom dissemination. The card mounts to the MCMP mounting plate and connects to its appropriate station and analog card via the 50-conductor ribbon cable Model MCCA cable assembly.

The MCRC Relay Card is the interface point for all station equipment. Each station port consists of four terminals. Two terminals are for loudspeaker operation. One terminal handles all telephonic communication, display data for administrative phones, and annunciation for call-in switches. The remain- ing terminal is ground and provides a return path for telephonic communication and a shield for intercom return speech.


  • Relay Card for wall (MCRC) installations
  • Provides field wiring terminations of all station types for 24 stations via the four 0.156 centerline connectors per station

Dimensions:  12-1/2″ W x 1-1/4″ H x 4-1/2″ D
Product Weight:  11 oz.

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