Multicom 2000- Admin Display Phone MCDS4

Model MCDS4 - Multicom 2000 Admin Display Phone

The Bogen MCDS4 is a 12-push-button DTMF dialing telephone, designed for use as an administrative station in Bogen Multicom 2000® and Quantum Multicom IP Systems. It incorporates a high-contrast supertwist LCD-type display panel, and a unique, easy-to-read menu-driven display system to provide rapid, efficient, and reliable control over the systemʼs paging, intercom, or signal distribution features. (The specific features available to any station are assigned from the systemʼs “central administrator” station.) A built-in speaker- phone feature provides hands-free conversation. A handset volume control allows volume adjustment.

The MCDS4 features ten dedicated-function push buttons and three user-programmable push buttons. The dedicated functions include speed dial of up to 10 numbers, redial last number, hold, speaker, and speaker volume control. The three programmable buttons can be used to speed dial frequently called numbers, or used to initiate a system function (alarm, relay, etc.).

Five different ringing signals are provided to distinguish call alert, normal, urgent, and emergency calls, and incoming outside line calls. The MCDS4 is fully compatible with the MCTCA option and when used in Multicom 2000 systems can display the status of outside lines and calls on hold for the first eight lines.

When the MCDS4 is used as the central administratorʼs phone with a Multicom 2000, system programming can also be performed. A special password- protected menu routine can be displayed on the LCD panel to guide the programming process.

  • DTMF dialing, 12-push-button keypad
  • 13 user-programmable, auxiliary function push buttons
  • 4-line x 16 character supertwist LCD display readout with alphanumeric, menu-driven operation
  • Displays up to four incoming calls, each with its priority level: normal, urgent, or emergency
  • Displays up to 8 outside lines and their status: free, ringing, in use, hold
  • Special ring signal and flashing “HELP” for emergency calls
  • Displays and sounds emergency 911 alert
  • Speakerphone for hands-free conversation
  • Audible Signals: 5 ringing signals – call alert, normal, urgent, emergency call, incoming outside line call (requires MCTCA card)
  • Dialing: DTMF-dialing “touch tone” telephone keypad
  • Auxiliary Dialing Functions: 10 fixed function, 3 programmable keys
  • Outside Line Capability: 8 lines (requires MCTCA card)
  • Interconnections: Via junction box. Twisted-pair required for telephonic communication; optional outside line status feature requires additional twisted-pair.
  • Digital Display: 4-line x 16 character LCD. Display shows time, current time-signal schedule, station numbers/priority of calls, outside line status, and system operating menu routines.
  • Construction: Molded ABS; gray finish
  • Dimensions: 7-5/8″ X 8-7/8″ desk or wall-space required
  • Product Weight: 3 lb.
  • Power Supply: Supplied; 120V AC, 60 Hz, 5W input; 12V DC, 300mA output
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