Bogen Commander MCPCI

Model MCPCI (ver. 2.1) - Bogen Commander

The Bogen Commander provides users with a flexible, easy-to-use software solution for facility database creation and maintenance.

With the Bogen Commander, you can:

  • Design and create Multicom 2000 facility databases, including system, station, and schedule
  • Upload or download database information to and from the Multicom 2000 using a local computer or remote. Databases are created and modified offline, then uploaded to the Multicom system.

Test Multicom 2000 components, including analog, station, and telephone cards, address validity, and Diagnostics are performed while online with the Multicom 2000 via the local or remote connection.

The Bogen Commander enables you to create and configure the databases necessary to control the behavior of the Multicom 2000. Using a personal computer, you configure one or more customer-specific databases, defining facility, station, and schedule details.

  • Provides easy interface and programming via PC for single or multiple facilities
  • Sets building schedules and priorities
  • Includes Windows-based diagnostic / programming software for system testing and for full remote maintenance via RS-232
  • Provides remote system programming


System Requirements:
PC with:
RS-232 Port or USB to RS-232 adapter
Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7


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