Administrative Communication System Multicom 2000

Model Multicom 2000 - Administrative Communication Wall-Mounted System Assembly

The wall-mounted version of Bogen’s Multicom 2000 Administrative Communication System, with MCPCA3 Processor Card, is a fully self-contained system consisting of a custom wall mounting enclosure (Model MCBBC) and the component system assembly (Model MCSA). It is designed primarily for smaller installations, where capacity is not expected to exceed 120 stations.

The wall mounting system enclosure (Model MCBBC) is designed to be surface-mounted or semi-recessed 4 inches into a wall. It includes a three-wire outlet and junction box, pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting tabs, ventilation louvers, knockouts (which accept 1″ or 2″ conduit), and a locking front door. All functional system components are mounted to a metal plate (Model MCMP), which is then installed inside the enclosure.


  • Ideal for smaller facilities, 24 to 120 stations
  • Completely self-contained; surface- or semi-recessed wall-mounted installation
  • Built-in power supplies, fused for protection
  • Tilt mounting card cage for easy access; pre- drilled mounting points for associated relay cards
  • Audio program interface assembly accepts 4 input and control modules
  • 8 administrative zones, 120 hard-wired zones, options for 99 programmable zones, 9 time signaling tones, 8 bell schedules, 1024 programmable events, 120 low-voltage contacts for control of any type of low-voltage security closure
  • Microprocessor controlled, programmable from administrative station or local computer
  • Secure remote programming and diagnostics from a local computer via LAN/WAN using an optional TCP/IP Serial to Ethernet converter
  • 24″ W x 32″ H x 9″ D, designed to be surface- mounted or recessed-mounted (approximately 4 inches)
  • Dialing to outside 911 Emergency Services
  • 911 alerts to the Administrative telephone
  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 digit dialing