Transformer Balanced- Advanced Input Module TBL1S

Model TBL1S - Transformer Balanced AUX Advanced Input Module

The TBL1S input module is a transformer-isolated, line-level, balanced input module. The module has a pluggable 3-pin screw terminal input barrier strip connector to make the input connection. The module has a jumper-selectable input impedance of 600 ohms or 10k ohms. The module also has a gain/trim control that will allow the gain to be adjusted from -11 dB to +19 dB. It has the ability to mute lower priority modules and be muted by higher priority modules. The module is able to assume any of 4 priority levels. The module has a VOX/gating circuit to control muting of lower priority modules and its internal gating circuit with controls for threshold and duration. It also has a continuously variable ducking control that will enable attenuation of the input signal from a minimum of -10 dB to a maximum of - 72 dB relative to the normal unmuted condition and a gradual fade back from mute when the mute or gate control is deactivated. The module’s output is assignable to either or both of two mixing buses.

  • Transformer-isolated line-level input
  • Gain/Trim control
  • Bass & Treble controls
  • Gating w/Threshold & Duration
  • Mute send & receive
  • Variable ducking level when muted/gated
  • Fade back from mute/gate
  • 4 Priority levels
  • Bus assignable
  • Pluggable screw terminal connections


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