Tone Generator- Advanced Input Module TNG1S

Model TNG1S - Tone Generator Advanced Input Module

The TNG1S input module shall be a multiple tone generator input module. The module shall have a 5-pin screw terminal input barrier strip connector to make the trigger connections. The module shall include 8 tones: 512 Hz burst/steady, slow whoop, siren, mechanical bell, Klaxon, night ringer, double chime, and doorbell tones. The module shall permit 4 of the 8 tones to be triggered. Momentary and continuous playback modes shall be available. The module shall have a level control. It shall have the ability to mute lower priority modules and be muted by higher priority modules. The module shall be able to assume any of 4 priority levels. The module shall have a gradual fade back from mute when the mute control is deactivated. The module’s output shall be assignable to either or both of two mixing buses.

  • Select 4 of 8 Tones to trigger
  • 512 Hz Burst/steady, Slow Whoop, Siren, Mechanical Bell, Klaxon,
    Night Ringer, Double Chime, and Doorbell Tones
  • Momentary & continuous playback modes
  • Screw TerminalTrigger connections
  • Level Control
  • Microprocessor-controlled Operation
  • Mute Send & Receive • 4 Priority Levels



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