Microphone- Advanced Input Module MIC2X

Model MIC2X- Microphone Electronic-Balanced (XLR)


*NOTE* The MIC1X module is now EOS. The MIC2X module is a fully functional substitute for the MIC1X in existing installations and new specifications.

Bogen’s advanced plug-in modules provide a wide range of functions to support a variety of applications. These modules support different signal-source requirements, including the ability to interface to balanced and unbalanced high- and low-level inputs, stereo or mono, telco systems, and microphones.

  • Gain/Trim control
  • High Cut/Low Cut controls
  • Voice Enhancement control
  • Noise gate w/Threshold control
  • Limiter w/Threshold control
  • 24V Phantom power
  • Mute send & receive
  • 4 Priority levels
  • Bus assignable
  • Electronically balanced
  • XLR connector


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