Master Clock Series BCMA3000

Model BCMA3000 - Master Clock Series (V7.1)

The BCMA 3000 Series is our standard master clock model with a front LED display and two push buttons for basic system programming. The BCMA 3000 Series comes with a front LED and LCD display as well as a keypad to allow for advanced programming. The BCMA 3000 model may also be offered with four or eight programmable relays (zones) to control third party systems via a contact closure (such as a school bell system).

  • Includes all of the BCMA 2000 Series’ capabilities:
  • LED and a backlit LCD display for a clear, accurate read out
  • 2 x 8 rubber button keyboard for easy programming
  • Can command digital clocks to display “Bell” at user defined In this case the master clock must have at least four relays (not applicable when using a sync-wired system or an IP system)
  • Optional Features:
    • Four or eight configurable AUX relays which control other systems by closing a relay at predetermined times
    • 255 schedule (group of events) and 800 event capabilities (such as triggering bells)
    • Two programmable closure durations per relay
    • Pre-scheduled countdown feature
    • The master clock sends a countdown command to all digital clocks at a predetermined when choosing this option, at least four programmable relays (zones) are required.
    • GPS time signal input for accurate time synchronization
    • Transmitter for the Bogen Wireless System
    • NTP server upgrade


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