Analog IP Round/Square Clocks BCAP

Model BCAP - Analog IP Round/Square Clocks

Bogen’s state-of-the-art BCAP Series IP Analog Clocks are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes. Designed with careful aesthetic consideration and built for reliability, Bogen Analog IP Clocks set a new standard for quality.


  • Available in Round or Square Shape
  • Round Clocks are available in: 9”, 12”, and 16” dial sizes
  • Square Clocks are available in: 9” and 12” dial sizes
  • Offered in a low-profile metal case or SlimLine ABS case
  • Optional Cherry Wood finish or Brushed Aluminum finish for round clocks
  • Power over ethernet (802.3af standard)
  • Power and data are provided through one standard network cable
  • Mounting hardware provided for easy installation
  • Hour, minute, and second hands
  • Quick correction for time change (max. 5 min)
  • Microprocessor based movement
  • Side molded, polycarbonate crystal
  • Built-in web interface – each clock has a built-in web interface allowing the user to set, control, and monitor the IP clock
  • Settings include: Network settings, NtP server selection, UtC/Gmt offset selection, automatic Daylight Saving time adjustments, and much more!
  • Receives time data from up to ten preprogrammed third party NtP servers (user changeable) for added reliability and redundancy or from any Bogen master Clock
  • Built-in self-diagnostics & email alerts for:
  • NTP synchronization timeouts
  • Power resets
  • Hand position errors and corrections
  • Interfaces with Bogen’s IP monitoring Software, which will allow the user to view, monitor, and send various commands to all IP clocks in the system
  • Custom Color Cases available (minimum ordering quantity 25)
  • Designed and Produced in the United States of America