NEAR All-Environment Speaker IG8s2M

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Model IG8s2M - IG Series Outdoor Speaker

The IG8s2M features the Generation 2 Metal Diaphragm Technology cone that is lighter and stiffer than the original MDT cone. The result is a broadband 3dB increase in sensitivity and more than 4dB in the midrange - making the IG8s2M easier for amplifiers to drive and better sounding with more "open" midrange and greater vocal presence.

  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions, mounted in-ground 
  • Stylish design provides functional rigidity and extra security when buried
  • Generation 2 anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain specified performance over a broad range of temperatures  (-20 to +160 degrees F; -29 - +71 C) for consistent sound quality in every season
  • UDIO (upside down/inside out) driver employs voice coils wound both inside and outside the former for extremely accurate linearity, even at extreme volume levels
  • Heavy gauge epoxy-coated stainless steel grille withstands rigors of outdoor living
  • MLS spiderless motor uses specially developed ferrofluid to center the voice coil and eliminates the distortion generated by spiders
  • Sealed magnet gap locks out moisture and debris
  • 1” coincident-mounted tweeter with 8” woofer positioned for optimum dispersion
  • LLDP (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) color-through enclosures are acoustically inert and stand tough under abuse and in extreme conditions
  • Advanced polymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer, and salt spray
  • 70V multi-tap transformer standard for use with the NEAR 6XL power amplifier in 70V operation - can be by-passed for ind on page8 ohm use
  • Signal connection via pre terminated 8-conductor burial grade cable exiting the bottom of the enclosure
  • Color: Mulch Brown enclosure with matching grille
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