Self-Amplified Horn Speakers SAH30/SAH15/SAH5

Models SAH30, SAH15, SAH5 - Self-Amplified Horn Speakers

The SAH30, SAH15, and SAH5 powered horn loudspeakers employ digital switching amplifier technology resulting in low DC current draw and low heat dissipation. This means fewer power supplies, longer cable runs, and the capacity to work at higher ambient temperatures when compared to conventional analog self-amplified horn speakers. The horn loudspeakers can be positioned in any orientation (rotate, tilt, or swivel). The shape of the horn flare provides a controlled dispersion of sound for better intelligibility. They can be used in any environment, indoors or outdoors, without affecting sound quality.

  • 5W, 15W, 30W models
  • High-efficiency digital switching amplifier technology
  • Low DC current draw and heat dissipation
  • Unique flare shape provides controlled sound dispersion
  • Operates with continuous background music & at high ambient temperatures
  • Rotatable horn for vertical or horizontal dispersion
  • Cast aluminum swivel mount
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