VoIP Wall Baffle Speaker NQ-S1810WT-G3

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Model NQ-S1810WT-G3 (Wall Baffle)

The Bogen Nyquist NQ-S1810WT-G3 VoIP wall baffle speaker provides superior HD audio quality and seamless integration into the Nyquist ecosystem. There is no need for external amplifiers, traditional intercom wiring, or transformer taps to manually set or adjust. Connect the speakers via Cat5 to a PoE Switch (or add optional PoE Injector for non-PoE switch), and it is ready to operate. Volume is controlled via the Nyquist system's Web UI. These Gen-3 VoIP speakers also offer a Form-C relay output for controlling/overriding third-party devices like AV sources.

As one would expect from Bogen, the HD audio quality is superb, with excellent incoming and outgoing intelligibility. Many two-way speakers use the speaker itself as the microphone, resulting in poor talkback audio quality. The Nyquist Series VoIP Wall Baffle speakers use a separate high-performance MEMS microphone to achieve superior talkback audio.

  • 10/100 Ethernet connection
  • Can be used as a standalone IP endpoint
  • PoE Class-3 – no local power required, IEEE 802.3af compliant
  • DHCP deployment for easy installation
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • 10W integrated amplifier
  •  Reset button for restoring factory settings
  • Form-C SPDT type 2A @ 30V DC dry contact relay output
  • DSP-based noise rejection and voice bandwidth optimization
  • MEMS digital microphone for superior talkback audio
  • CAN Bus 2.0 Interface connects to Nyquist Digital Call Switches (NQ-E7020)
  • 13.8"H x 11.9"W x 4.75"D