Nyquist 2-Channel AoIP Gateway NQ-GA400P


The Nyquist 2-channel Audio over IP (AoIP) Gateway provides customers with a bridge between analog and digital signal channels. The GA400P digitally encodes analog signals and transmits them over the network, where they are then decoded by a second AoIP device to provide line-level audio to analog systems, such as amplifiers, and analog paging or sound systems. Similarly, the GA400P can take analog audio signals, encode them in digital format and distribute them over the Nyquist network. The NQ-GA400P incorporates two balanced line-level inputs and two balanced line-level outputs, along with two Form-C SPDT-type 2-amp dry contact relays that activate when a signal is present on a corresponding line-level output. Designed to operate over a 10/100 Ethernet network, the NQ-GA400P AoIP Gateway is IEEE 802.3af–compliant and can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or PoE injector when a PoE switch isn’t available.

  • PoE powered: Customers can connect these appliances to standard PoE switches

  • A gateway between analog and digital systems enables users to encode/decode audio for transmission across a network

  • Create a digital bridge between two analog systems A cost-effective solution to interconnect analog audio systems quickly and easily in different locales or buildings for wide-area communications

  • Standalone capability Connect to 3rd party SIP and/or multicast capable systems and use as a Line-out audio endpoint for digital-to-analog communications. Encoder capable of generating unicast or multicast audio streams in a variety of codec formats.