Self-Amplified Metal Box Speakers AMBSQ1/AMBSL1

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Models AMBSQ1/AMBSL1 - Self-Amplified Metal Box Speakers

Bogen's AMBSQ1 and AMBSL1 speakers feature an all-steel surface-mounted enclosure with an 8" cone loudspeaker, built-in 1W amplifier,
and volume control. The AMBSQ1 is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. The AMBSL1 is designed primarily for wall mounting and its face is angled downward by 12.5 degrees. A detachable volume control knob on the grille allows individual adjustment of paging level at each speaker location.

  • Rugged all-steel surface-mounted enclosure
  • Full-range 8" cone speaker for excellent intelligibility
  • Self-contained 1-watt amplifier
  • Interfaces with standard 600-ohm telephone line
  • Built-in volume control with detachable knob
  • Knockouts for WiremoldĀ®
  • Mounting hardware included (toggle bolts, wood screws, pluggable screw terminals, volume knob)
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