Self-Amplified Ceiling Speaker Assemblies

Product Color Availability
Models ASWG1(DK)/ASUG1(DK) - Self-Amplified Ceiling Speakers

Bogen Models ASWG1 and ASUG1 are an 8", cone-type loudspeakers, complete with a built-in 1-watt amplifier and volume control knob. Volume control knob allows adjustment of the paging level at each speaker location in the system with a detachable knob available on ASUG1DK and ASWG1DK models. The speaker is available unmounted or fully assembled in an Off-white ceiling grille (Model ASWG1 & ASWG1DK), or on a Bright White ceiling grille (ASUG1 & ASUG1DK).

  • 8" Cone speaker
  • Self-contained 1-watt amplifier
  • Interfaces with standard 600-ohm telephone line
  • Available unmounted (AS1)
  • Available on an Off-white semi-gloss enameled ceiling grille (ASWG1, ASWG1DK), or Bright White finish ( ASUG1, ASUG1DK)
  • Ceiling assembly with fixed front-mounted volume control knob (ASUG1, ASWG1)
  • Ceiling assembly with detachable front-mounted volume control knob (ASUG1DK, ASWG1DK)