Plug-In: 600ohms Transformer TL600

Model TL600 - Plug-In: 600ohms Transformer
The Bogen Models TL100 and TL600 line impedance-matching transformers are compact, plug-in units specially designed for use with power amplifiers. The TL100 provides a balanced 1:1 input match and isolation; its primary impedance will be the same value as total termination of the input impedance to the amplifier(s). Model TL600 impedance matches the output of a 600- ohm telephone line to a Bogen power amplifier input.

  • Provides balanced, isolated, 1:1 or 600-ohm input for power amplifiers
  • Transformer connections terminated in a keyed nine-pin miniature plug
  • Compact, plug-in design
  • Internal mumetal shielding