APOGEE Line Array Loudspeaker System ALA-C1B

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Model ALA-C1B - Line Array Loudspeaker System

*White models available by bulk order only*

The Apogee ALA-C1 Line Array Loudspeaker is a high-fidelity, 70V/8-ohm, passive, 2-way fixed column, all-weather, indoor/outdoor loudspeaker designed for superior quality speech enhancement and music reproduction in small- to medium-sized venues, such as school and civic auditoriums, community theaters, lecture halls, and houses of worship. The design offers extremely broad, horizontal dispersion (140–degrees) and focused vertical dispersion (25- degrees) – which is ideal for uniform side-to-side coverage, while minimizing ceiling and floor reflections that could degrade intelligibility.

  • 43" (110cm) Line Array
  • Powder coated 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy enclosure with internal ribs
  • 6 x 1" metal alloy diaphragm tweeters with Ferrofluid damping, UV and chemical resistant rubber surrounds, corrosion-resistant magnets
  • 9 x 4" metal alloy diaphragm woofers, with Ferrofluid voice coil guidance, UV and chemical resistant rubber surrounds
  • 70V transformer built-in, with bypass for 8-ohm operation
  • IP65-rated for use in any environment