APOGEE Fixed Installation Subwoofer AFI-118

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Model AFI-118 - Subwoofer System


*Please Note: These speakers are custom built to order. Once the order is placed this item is not cancellable or returnable and has a 4-6 week lead time.*

The AFI-118 features a high power, long excursion, 18" (460mm) cone driver capable of deep, rich, and extremely powerful bass. It works perfectly in combination with the AFI-8 or other AFI full-range speakers. The AFI-118 is superb for multi-media presentations, clubs, churches, discos, concert halls, and theaters.

  • Driver Complement: Apogee 18" (460mm) permanent magnet cone-type driver is treated with a waterproofing compound, providing resistance to moisture, and enabling long-term stability of cone resonance and cone mass parameters
  • Input Connectors: Barrier strip, screw type #8
  • Compatible Processors: AFI Main Frame Controller Chassis (using AFI-118 Module) or DLC24
  • Recommended Crossover: Contact Apogee for full technical data on other DSP-based Processors
  • Handles: Two handles – one top, one bottom – designed as an integral part of the enclosure (no moving parts)
  • Grille: Highly durable, quality finish on perforated steel (aluminum on SX version)
  • Rigging Hardware: Fourteen rigging points, four each on top and bottom, two each on both sides and rear, all backed with 16-gauge steel; points can be type 3/8"-16 or M10 thread
  • Finish: Textured high-strength black or white epoxy paint; other colors optional
  • Enclosure Type: Rectangular, optimally-vented bass
  • Cabinet Construction: Multi-ply hardwood
  • Options/Accessories: AFI Controller Processor or DLC24 Digital Processor; SX weather treatment for use in limited exposure enclosures; assorted rigging components


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