Bogen Communications Unveils the CSD1X2U-V2 Drop-In Ceiling Panel Speaker

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Bogen Communications Unveils the CSD1X2U-V2 Drop-In Ceiling Panel Speaker

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Bogen Communications Unveils the CSD1X2U-V2 Drop-In Ceiling Panel Speaker 

Bogen Communications introduces Drop-In Ceiling Panel Speaker, designed to expand flexibility and simplify installation for higher education and commercial applications

MAHWAH, New Jersey (May 23, 2024) – Bogen Communications LLC, a longstanding leader in commercial audio and voice communications technology, announces the CSD1X2U-V2, a revolutionary Drop-In Ceiling Panel Speaker designed to meet diverse audio needs with unmatched flexibility and ease of installation.

The CSD1X2U-V2 is a passive speaker with versatile operation modes, supporting either 8-ohm low impedance (15W max) or 25V/70V with tapped power setting input. This dual capability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of audio applications, from commercial environments to educational institutions. The CSD1X2U-V2 also accommodates Nyquist PoE Amplifier Modules, making it easy to enhance speaker configurations. Compatible modules include the NQ-GA10P(V) VoIP Intercom module, and NQ-GA20P2 and NQ-GA40P3 Integrated Amplifiers, enabling seamless integration into existing PoE networks. Designed as a drop-in ceiling panel speaker, the CSD1X2U-V2 is available in Ultra White (U) and ensures quick and hassle-free installation, reducing time and labor costs.

“We are thrilled to introduce the CSD1X2U-V2 to our customers,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management at Bogen Communications. “This new model not only addresses the diverse needs of our clients, but also exemplifies our dedication to innovation and efficiency. Whether for an educational institution or corporate office spaces, the CSD1X2U-V2 is the perfect solution for any drop-ceiling audio installation.”

The development of the CSD1X2U-V2 was driven by customer feedback and demands for future-proofing hardware. First, customers have consistently requested a single-speaker model that offers both 25V/70V and low impedance 8-ohm operation. The CSD1X2U-V2 delivers on this requirement, providing unparalleled versatility. Second, the need for ceiling speakers that could be used for intercoms or with a Nyquist PoE (+/++) amplifier module and a transformer module for secondary 25V/70V speaker chains has been a significant factor in the development of this model. Bogen Communications’ commitment to reducing complexity and costs led to the creation of a speaker that simplifies inventory management without compromising on performance.