Bogen Communications Launches Products to Expand Functionality

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Bogen Communications Launches Products to Expand Functionality

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July 2023 Bogen Product Announcement

Bogen Communications Launches Two Products to Further Expand Nyquist Functionality

Bogen Communications debuts the NQ-GA400P AoIP Gateway and NQ-GA40P3 Amplifier Module


MAHWAH, New Jersey (July 27, 2023) – Bogen Communications LLC, a longstanding leader in commercial audio and voice communications technology, announces two new products for the Nyquist family -- the NQ-GA400P Audio-over-IP (AoIP) Gateway and NQ-GA40P3 Plenum-rated PoE++ Integrated Amplifier Module. Bogen Communications’ latest products expand functionality of the Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000, state-of-the-art, IP-based paging, audio distribution, and sound masking solutions for education and commercial applications.


The NQ-GA400P AoIP Gateway provides customers with a bridge between analog and digital systems. The NQ-GA400P digitally encodes analog signals and transmits them over the network, where they are then decoded by a second AoIP device to provide line-level audio to analog systems, such as amplifiers, and analog paging or sound systems. Similarly, the NQ-GA400P can take analog audio signals, encode them, and distribute them over the Nyquist network. Operating in standalone mode, a single unit can function as an audio endpoint for third-party SIP-based audio systems, and two units can be used to create an IP bridge between two distant analog audio systems.


“The NQ-GA400P AoIP Gateway and NQ-GA40P3 PoE++ Integrated Amplifier Module introduce new capabilities to Nyquist systems,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management for Bogen Communications. “These latest products are logical extensions to the Nyquist family. As part of our continued effort to provide robust, high-quality technologies, the two appliances enhance our current capabilities and provide increased flexibility for various education and commercial applications."


The NQ-GA40P3 Plenum-rated Integrated PoE++ Amplifier Module features increased power output of this product series to widen audio coverage for one-way, single-zone paging and audio distribution. Featuring 40W of amplification, the NQ-GA40P3 extends the output power range of this amplifier module series, thus providing more flexibility to system architects and installers. Notably, the NQ-GA40P3 PoE++ Amplifier Module is plenum-rated to enable installation in various areas, including within walls, above suspended ceilings and on shelves.  The NQ-GA40P3 is efficiently powered through a PoE++ capable network or, alternatively, a PoE-power injector, such as Bogen Communications’ newly introduced PI5660W PoEBT Injector, which creates a reliable, high-quality solution to integrate higher-powered PoE devices while eliminating the need for customers to upgrade to new PoE++ capable network switches.


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