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Bogen Communications Introduces Platinum Series

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Bogen Communications Introduces Platinum Amplifier Series

Bogen’s new Platinum Series is a set of public address and paging standalone amplifiers that are lighter, more powerful, and contain new features that surpass most - if not all - current products on the market.


MAHWAH, NJ-October 1, 2020—Bogen Communications, Inc. - a leading provider of commercial amplifiers, speakers, and intercom systems for music, paging, and educational applications- is excited to introduce the all new Platinum Series Public Address Amplifier line, the series that represents the next generation of industry-leading commercial public address amplifiers.

“Drawing upon our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of paging and public address solutions, the new Platinum Series delivers the perfect amplifier for almost any installed sound application,” said Ken Venuti, director, sales engineering, Bogen.

Implementing new engineering and design technology, Bogen has greatly reduced the power demands of the amplifiers, offering a greener solution with less power consumption. In addition to the five-year limited warranty, the Class D amplifier design also weighs less and outputs less heat than the Class A/B designs of key competitors.

With the introduction of the new Platinum Series Amplifier line, Bogen offers more control with superior results. The Platinum Series provides a wide selection of power ratings (60W-600W) with identical specifications except for power rating, giving customers a convenient selection for a wide variety of installed sound projects.

“In addition to the myriad of great features commercial sound contractors have come to expect from Bogen amplifiers, the Platinum Series includes a powerful 5-band parametric equalizer for superior sound conditioning at a price point similar to previous generation amplifiers of much lesser capability,” added Venuti.

This parametric equalizer has been incorporated into one of the highest feature/functionality public-address amplifiers in the standalone public address market offering increased value and superior fine tuning for installed sound applications.

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