Vandal-Resistant Speaker VRS1

Model VRS1 - Vandal-Resistant Speaker

The Bogen VRS1 is a vandal-resistant speakers designed for hands-free two-way communications. The VRS1 consists of a 3-inch, weather-resistant, cone-type speaker and a 25V transformer (tapped at 1/2 watt). The transformer can be bypassed for 8-ohm operation. The speaker and transformer are mounted on a #11-gauge stainless steel faceplate. The speaker is protected from harm by the faceplate, a baffle plate with stamped perforations, and a grille screen. The VRS1 includes a heavy-duty metal push button switch that protrudes slightly from the faceplate and can be used to initiate a call to a control center. The switch can be wired for use with systems that require a momentary contact closure for call annunciation (e.g., MULTICOM 2000), and includes a silicon controlled rectifier circuit for use with systems that require “latching” operation (e.g., Multi-Graphic). The VRS1 has a 5-1/2" W x 7-3/4" H faceplate and should be mounted to a 2-1/2" deep dual-gang box (4-1/2" W x 6-13/16" H), such as the Thomas & Betts Model H2BD-3/4 & 1 or equivalent.


  • Withstands attempts at vandalism in hostile environments
  • Grille openings are cross-positioned so nothing can enter the speaker
  • Mounts with one-way security screws (included)
  • 3" weather-resistant cone speaker
  • 1/2-watt speaker power on 25V speaker line
  • Optional low impedance 8-ohm speaker operation
  • Available with metal call-button
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