VoIP Speakers

S1810QIP (Ceiling) / WBS810QIP (Wall Baffle)

There are times when a VoIP speaker is the absolute best tool for the job – for portable classrooms and other outbuildings and in areas where the user needs convenient, remote volume control. With analog systems, you need to either run buried copper wiring to connect trailer classrooms and other remote buildings – subjecting them to catastrophic system failure due to lightning strikes – or use IP audio encoders/decoders at a significant added expense. With VoIP speakers, you can use above-ground (or buried) fiber optic cable for greater safety, reliability and lower cost.
In areas where easy access to volume control is needed, such as in areas with variable ambient noise and those with hard-of-hearing staff and/or students, VoIP speakers provide convenient access to volume control. Using the Quantum Commander App*, administrators can easily switch among five volume levels. There’s never a need to climb a ladder to change a transformer tap or to install a dedicated manual volume control at additional cost and maintenance.
Bogen VoIP ceiling and wall baffle speakers provide great audio quality and seamless integration into the Quantum ecosystem.


  • RJ45- Network Interface
  • 3-Pin Dinkle wire terminal
  • Call-Switch or Handset



  • 90dB at 1/4W power level
  • 93dB at 1/2W power level
  • 96dB at 1W power level
  • 99dB at 2W power level
  • 102dB at 4W power level


Speaker: 8-inch with 10 oz. magnet
Dimensions: 13″ dia. x 3/4” deep (S810QIP ceiling), 9.25” W x 10” H x 5.25” D (WBS810QIP wall baffle)
Weight: 3 lbs.(S810QIP ceiling), 3.6 lbs. (WBS810QIP)
Certifications: FCC Class A

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