Ambient Noise Sensor- Output Module ANS1R

Model ANS1R - Ambient Noise Sensor Output Module

The ANS1R module shall have a maximum gain control that sets the maximum amount of gain added, from 0 dB to 22 dB of gain, once the ambient noise level surpasses the sound pressure level set by the ambient threshold. The ANS1R shall have a ramp speed control that sets the speed by which gain is added to the signal once the ambient noise level surpasses the threshold, from less than 1 dB/s to greater than 20 dB/s. The module shall have an activity threshold control with a corresponding bicolor LED that will illuminate amber when at mix bus threshold.The ANS1R shall have an ambient threshold control that shall adjust the microphone input threshold from 64 dBSPL to 112 dBSPL with the same LED illuminating green when at mic threshold.

  • Maximum gain control
  • Ramp speed control
  • Activity threshold control
  • Ambient mic input threshold control
  • Aux input can bypass gain control function
  • Aux level input control
  • Stereo unbalanced Aux inputs (electronically summed mono) with low priority
  • Barrier strip connections for sensor microphone & remote defeat
  • Gradual fade back from mute for Aux IN


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