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Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS)  
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The real measure of any loudspeaker is how it sounds to you, not to a machine. We are confident that when you hear metal-driver loudspeakers, you'll be impressed most of all with their musicality. A variety of speaker types are included for indoor and outdoor applications, high-ceiling atriums, and in extreme weather environments … while offering exceptional sound quality.


Featherweight aluminum-alloy cones for speed, clarity, and musicality

Metal-alloy drivers provide optimum sound quality that eliminates listener fatigue.

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Speed: MDT is lighter, stiffer, faster
MDT is a proprietary metal-alloy diaphragm about as light as is physically possible—nearly the ideal massless piston. The gently curved shape provides additional rigidity and good phase response. Each cone is individually formed and inspected for uniformity. Anodizing transforms the metal surface into a ceramic compound, making the cone even more rigid and very well damped. The result is a strong and lightweight sandwich structure with extremely fast transient response.

Clarity: MDT delivers all the details, naturally
There's accuracy, and then there's clarity. It is not difficult to design an accurate loudspeaker. Making it sound great is another thing. MDT diaphragms reveal the hidden nuances in music. Light and rigid, the metal diaphragms are also characterized by "breakup" modes (inherent resonances) that are much higher in frequency and narrower in width. The "tweaking" necessary to deal with these modes requires far fewer compromises to the smoothness of the frequency response. Listeners enjoy a clarity of sound refreshingly devoid of stridency and sizzle.

Musicality: MDT improves the listening experience
"Musicality" is hard to define—yet you know it when you hear it. It may reveal itself in the delicate tones of a violin, or in the distinct imaging of an orchestra. But perhaps the best indication of musicality is when you feel refreshed after listening—even for hours. Metal-driver speakers are simply more musical.

Summary of MDT Benefits:
• High rigidity and low mass of metal versus the traditional papers and plastics
• Extremely stable cone structure over long periods of time
• Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means low energy storage
• Special anodizing process creates a ceramic coating for increased stiffness
• Efficient heat-sinking of voice coils under long-term, high-power conditions


Unique non-mechanical suspension enhances performance

Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) is a superior method for guiding a speaker's voice coil assembly through the magnetic field. MLS eliminates the traditional mechanical "spider" and replaces it with a thick magnetic fluid that stays permanently suspended in the gap of the magnet, allowing the voice coil to remain centered and to operate with superior linearity. In fact, the louder it plays, the more accurate the centering forces become. The results are lower distortion, greater linearity, more consistent long-term performance, and longer cone excursions (allowing use of smaller diameter woofers without sacrificing bass extension). In addition, the fluid is a more efficient heat sink for the voice coil, preventing heat-related impedance shifts that roughen frequency response.

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Summary of MLS Benefits

• Voice coil is constantly centered as it moves up and down, for lower distortion
• Voice coil is heat-sinked by fluid instead of air, preventing heat-related impedance shifts
• High linearity is accomplished because the mechanical spider is eliminated
• Constant lubrication of the gap prevents oxidation, even in outdoor uses
• Long-term operation is more consistent since fluid doesn't change characteristics
• Longer excursions are possible using smaller diameter woofers, without sacrificing bass extension

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